Basketball superstar Jordan and his son created the Web3 platform HEIR! Will be built on Solana

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BA legend Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey Jordan will jointly create a Web3 platform for sports superstars and fans-HEIR, which will be established on Solana and will be launched next year. Currently, more than 10 million funds have been raised in the seed round. US dollars.

HEIR platform introduction

HEIR is designed as an athlete-oriented Web3 community platform. Athletes who have passed the platform certification will be able to sell their seats (Seat) NFT with membership to their fans. Fans who own this NFT will have the right to purchase their favorite athletes. Limited merchandise of, and have the opportunity to receive exclusive NFT airdrops and exclusive fan videos. In addition, athletes can also interact with fans on the HEIR platform, and the more active fans have a higher chance of receiving additional rewards.

However, not all fans can obtain the membership of their favorite athletes, which is the seat NFT. This NFT will be determined based on the number of athletes tracked on social media, which is about 0.5% to 1%. When the NFT is sold, if you want to get it again, you can only buy it from other people who own the NFT on the platform. The transactions on the HEIR platform will use Heir tokens, which will be issued on Solana.

"The HEIR platform reconstructs the experience of creators and fans, enabling athletes to interact with fans," said Jeffrey Jordan.

HEIR's future business trends

The HEIR platform is planned to be launched in 2022, but the first batch of athletes to cooperate with the platform has not been disclosed. At present, it is only known that the basketball stars of NBA, WNBA and NCAA will be the main players.

The target group of this platform will be targeted at Generation Z and Millennials. People of this generation grow up with the development of the Internet, and social platforms are indispensable in their lives.

"This is the first step for athletes to establish Meta-brands in the world of Meta-Universe and Web3." HEIR co-founder Jeron Smith said.

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