AWS downtime causes dydX transaction interruption! Coinbase, Robinhood are also affected

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Starkware's decentralized perpetual contract exchange dYdX, based on the second-tier Ethereum protocol, dYdX, suspended trading for several hours due to a major downtime of Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) in the early morning of this (8) morning, and shut down some services at the same time. dYdX officially issued a statement on Twitter at 3 am and released a status page for users to know the current situation instantly.

"DYdX exchange is currently closed due to a major downtime in AWS. Our service has been delayed, and it has been discovered that the terminal cannot run and the website cannot be loaded and other functional damage issues."

The status page shows that dYdX announced at 00:53 on the 8th that the transaction was interrupted for several hours due to a major AWS crash. At around 6:00 in the morning, the authorities set all market orders to "post-only" mode. At about 7:00, AWS services began to be gradually repaired. dYdX said that it is considering migrating some key services from ECS to EC2.

At around 9 o'clock, we started to deal with the large backlog of work. At 10 o'clock, it was announced that all the backlogs were completed. At the same time, the order setting was reverted from "post-only" to "online" mode, and it was stated that it would continue to monitor related issues.

Multiple services including Coinbase have been affected

The AWS service status page pointed out that the major downtime was due to problems with certain APIs and management consoles, and the problem mainly affected the US-East-1 region hosted by Virginia. Therefore, not all users may encounter problems. To interrupt.

According to "CNBC", the largest US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbas, online brokerage Robinhood, streaming media Disney+, Netflix, and instant messaging software Slack have all encountered interruptions due to the impact of the AWS crash.

The downtime began around the early morning of the 8th. Currently, AWS says that many of the potential problems leading to outages have been alleviated. The AWS status page shows that as of 7:30 in the morning, all issues affecting EC2 cloud services have been resolved, while other services still have some issues. According to the official: We have seen an increase in the availability of most AWS services. We will continue to work hard to fully restore all affected AWS services and API operations.

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