Arabic Cash hits 1,800% growth: Coinmarketcap approves ABIC token

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The Arab world has attracted a wave of attention from the entire crypto community since the beginning of 2021. The Emirates created the Crypto Valley and plan to create a full-fledged crypto-state within a few years. And now Mubadala Investment Company, one of United Arab Emirates’ sovereign wealth funds, is looking at investments in the ‘crypto ecosystem,’ CEO and Managing Director Khaldoon Al Mubarak said in an interview with CNBC.

“I think it’s (crypto) is real, this is a business that had $200 billion worth of value two years ago, and is $2.5 trillion value today and growing. So while many people are skeptics, I do not fall in that category.”

Arabic Cash’s ambitions higher than Burj Khalifa
Amid this news, all Arab crypto projects are starting to be popular with investors from around the world. Everyone understands that the Arabs are about to run out of oil, and digital assets are just starting to grow there. The independent DeFi project Arabic Cash showed a great example of growth.

Just recently this project hit the top of the charts. In a few hours, the ABIC token of this project rose sharply by 1800%. It started growing due to positive news from Arabic Emirates and this turbine managed to raise its value from $0.0113 to $0.2. After this rapid growth, ABIC started to correct, which indicates a profitable purchase until the next sharp price increase.

The daily trading volume of ABIC exceeded $2,000,000. And this provided that Arabic Cash had only one trading pair ABIC/BUSD, and trading was carried out only on one DEX PancakeSwap. At its peak, the capitalization of the project exceeded $37,000,000.

Then the project Arabic Cash started talking about in the Emirates, Europe and America. The project was immediately listed, and hence the official recognition of Coinmarketcap & CoinGecko. ABIC token price and trading volumes could be followed on Tradingview.

Benefits of Arabic Cash for fast and long term earnings
Arabic Cash is an independent DeFi project that aims to create the world’s first decentralized Crypto Bank with the possibility of loans and deposits, and considering all the laws and religious norms of the Arab world. This goal is to be realized provided that the project has a market capitalization of at least $500,000,000.

This goal will be achieved gradually, each time offering the world community new crypto products and positive conditions for short-term and long-term earnings.

First, the developers will popularize the ABIC token, which will bring the project the necessary volumes of capitalization for strategic maneuvers. To do this, the marketing department of the project will advertise on major information platforms, including advertising on Coinmarketcap & CoinGecko, as well as directly on the BSC platform. The best advertising is the increase in the price of ABIC token and its appearance on new trading floors. Therefore, listing on major exchanges is another marketing branch of the project.

Arabic Cash is attractive to new investors not only due to its growth potential, but also due to the already existing trading platforms. Any ABIC token holder already has the opportunity to earn up to 60% per annum on Staking, as well as every second to receive income for Farming relative to the purchased volume of tokens.

As soon as the capitalization of the project exceeds $50,000,000 the developers will enter a new stage of development. They will launch Arabic Cash DEX, which will be a prototype for Crypto Bank. Other cryptocurrencies will be traded on this decentralized exchange, for which the project will receive additional profits from each transaction. And ABIC token is waiting for a new stage of growth, as happened with CAKE for PancakeSwap.

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