Arabic Cash DeFi: Technical Analysis of ABIC Token Prepares a BullRun。

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fter the Arabic Cash project was tested by Coinmarketcap analysts and was placed there in the list of tracked projects, the price of ABIC token increased by an incredible 1800%, the capitalization of the project reached the $37,000,000 mark in one day, and over $2,000,000 in total traded in one day. Now the project Arabic Cash expects a new wave of activity – the preparation for listing on the largest stock exchanges in the world. And the technical analysis of the token ABIC indicates a very favorable position for a long-term bullish trend.

Arabic Cash solutions for the global crypto community
After six months of development and six months of open trading of the ABIC token, the Arabic Cash project has proven its serious intentions and development prospects. It is the first independent crypto project created in support of the global “Blockchain Strategy 2021” of the Arab Emirates. The main motto of Arabic Cash sounds like the Biggest Arab Investment Strategy.

Arabic Cash was created to attract investments in e-commerce of the Arab region from all over the world in the easiest way possible. And this is the privilege not of the state, but of the entire global crypto community. That’s why Arabic Cash was created as a decentralized platform.

According to insiders, it is a decentralized financial project, working on the principle of loans and deposits, which are possible in the blockchain thanks to the technologies of Binance Smart Chain network. It is by far the most advanced tool in the crypto world. With its help, investors can send millions of dollars over the network in a fraction of a second, and the commission will not exceed $0.2.

Thus, this instrument can accumulate hundreds of millions of dollars of liquidity, which will be used by all participants in the local Arab world, as well as globally. The ABIC token can attract enormous investments in Arab countries, circumventing harsh bureaucracies or economic or religious restrictions. Buying movable and immovable property of any scale, paying for services, and transferring funds between citizens and residents of Arab countries can all be greatly simplified with the development of ABIC technology.

Earnings opportunities for investors
ABIC token is in open Trading since August 2021. During this time, the project has managed to prove its relevance to traders and long-term holders. Because of the technical characteristics, ABIC has an increased volatility, which is beneficial to traders on the hour segment of trade. The project has become even more profitable for long-term holders with a timeframe of a day or even a week.

The most patient investors after just a few months could make up to 18X profit. The project is very sensitive to positive news. At this stage of development the developers have reported a vector of active listing on mid- and top exchanges. And this is the best development strategy for a young project such as Arabic Cash.

Listing is expensive, but very effective advertising. Because the ABIC token will appear before the eyes of millions of traders who make transactions every second. Also, the promotional package of exchanges often includes internal advertising in the form of banners or emails. That is, at the time of listing, the price of ABIC token may soar again by hundreds or even thousands of percent.

The Arabic Cash project shows a very positive picture in terms of technical analysis. Our trusted traders describe the situation as follows: “After ABIC’s incredible 1800% rise in price, the trend was gradually going down in the local timeframe. Several weeks later the ABIC chart entered the Flat or horizontal corridor phase, which evidenced the successful fixation at the support level of $0.02. Now we only have to wait for the narrowed corridor to break through the upper limits and fly up again. The nearest resistance levels are at 0.055 / 0.078 / 0.093. If the bullish trend persists above these levels, there is a good chance of reaching a price of 0.2 or higher in a very short period of time.”

Arabic Cash has also developed a passive income opportunity in the form of very profitable Staking and Farming. Staking offers all ABIC token holders to earn up to 60% per annum. In parallel, every investor can earn every second on Farming with a total reward pool of 2,000,000 ABIC. All you have to do is fill up the liquidity pool in the BUSD/ABIC pair and start farming. The bigger the share in the liquidity pool, the bigger the reward every second.

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