After the mass food poisoning and the strike, Apple launched an independent investigation into the iPhone factory in India

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Apple is sending an independent auditor to investigate an iPhone assembly plant in India because the factory’s poor working and living conditions prompted workers to strike. The plant is located in southern India and is operated by Apple's long-term partner Foxconn. A Reuters investigation found that the working conditions of the women working in the factory were extremely difficult. They were forced to sleep on the floor of a crowded dormitory and share toilets without running water.

The recent food poisoning incident caused 150 people to be hospitalized at the same time, prompting workers to strike on December 18 and causing the factory to shut down.


In response, Apple said it had placed the plant in a "detention check" state (although the company did not say what this means to Foxconn or the workers who assemble the iPhone ). The plant employs approximately 17,000 employees and is located approximately 25 miles (40 kilometers) west of Chennai.

An Apple spokesperson said: "Following recent concerns about the food safety and accommodation conditions of Foxconn Sriperumbudur, we sent independent auditors. We found that some remote dormitory accommodations and restaurants for employees did not meet our requirements. , We are working with suppliers to ensure the rapid implementation of a comprehensive set of corrective measures."

Foxconn apologized for the poor conditions, and, according to reports from the Tamil Nadu government, Foxconn has agreed to upgrade its facilities-expanding living spaces, improving bathrooms, and providing clean drinking water. The company said it will resume work at the factory soon.

This news illustrates the difficulties Apple faces when it transfers its production work from China. According to reports in recent years, Apple has urged suppliers such as Foxconn to transfer production to other countries such as India and Vietnam. This is because Apple has been facing criticism in the process of outsourcing manufacturing work, and the transfer of production from China is believed to reduce the pressure on Apple from all parties.

When Apple built its lucrative computers and digital products, its labor conditions were repeatedly criticized. In particular, Foxconn’s factories are often investigated for sweatshop accusations and worker suicides.

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