adidas boring ape and other four joint nfts are issued today and holders will have unique benefits

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Adidas Originals, a well-known clothing brand in the world, tweeted early this morning (17) that the company's NFT, which is a joint venture of gmoney, PUNKS Comic and Bored Ape Yacht Club, will be officially launched on 12/17 US time.

According to the official website, the NFT is named: adidas Originals: Intothe Metaverse NFT. Limited to 30,000, each priced at 0.2 ETH; successful holders, Adidas will provide unique fan benefits in Yuan Universe in the future, and will be able to get four exclusive co-branded products for free in 2022.

How to buy adidas Originals NFT?

The official website of the Adidas event stated that 20,000 of this project is reserved for users who hold BAYC, MAYC NFT, PixelVault NFT, gmoney or adidas Originals POAP, and can be added to the experience list on December 14.

In today's sale, 9,620 NFTs will be open to the public to purchase through Metamask (officially recommended) or Wallet Connect supported wallets; in addition, Adidas and partners will reserve the last 380 NFTs for future activities.

What will the owner get?

Users with this NFT will be able to get four exclusive physical goods, including the classic adicolor Firebird sportswear (sports top and sweatpants), graphic hoodie (shown in PUNKS Comic#2, refer to the picture below) and gmoney Classic orange fur hat.

Adidas said it will provide a product redemption window in 2022. Users only need to visit the website and verify that they have an NFT within a limited period of time, and they can place an order for free without additional costs (the official preview of the exact product exchange mechanism will be announced soon).

Adidas actively marches into the meta universe

Adidas Originals recently entered the metaverse (MetaVerse) and NFT moves frequently.

On November 23, it was officially announced that it would officially land on The Sandbox metaverse; on November 25, Adidas Originals announced the establishment of a partnership with Coinbase, a compliant cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. In the official commercial released earlier this month, it showed the collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney NFT and PUNKS Comic to enter the world of Metaverse.

Erika Wykes-Sneyd, Vice President of Brand Communication of Adidas Originals, said: We have entered a new era of creativity. From the very beginning, we said that we would become representatives and help bring the new generation of values to the world... where we embrace our advantages and create new ideas. Things open their doors and act with rebellious optimism.

Adidas senior digital director Tareq Nazlawy said: The opportunity of Metaverse is that it creates unlimited possibilities for us to connect, create and belong. Work with the communities around GMoney, PixelVault, and Bored Apes Yacht Club. These communities do not collect hype tokens, they are closely related to the future of the community, and I think we can learn something from it.

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