a16z announced its investment in the decentralized autonomous organization PleasrDAO: one of the most successful DAOs

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Ali Yahya, general partner of legendary venture capital Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), announced on Twitter yesterday (15) that a16z has invested in the decentralized autonomous organization PleasrDAO.

Yahya introduced PleasrDAO in a tweet, saying that it is a decentralized autonomous organization based on Web3, a new form of network economic organization, and through mutual cooperation to achieve goals on a large scale, and also praised PleasrDAO in the tweet. One of the most successful DAOs to date.

Yahya said on Twitter: Today, I am very excited to announce the good news that a16z has invested in PleasrDAO. There is nothing better than using a film directed by pplpleasr1 to announce this. The work of the artist pplpleasr is the inspiration for the founding of PleasrDAO.

Although a16z did not disclose the investment scale of the company's PleasrDAO, SantiagoSantos, a member of the PleasrDAO board of directors, told foreign media TechCrunch that a16z's total shares in DAO governance tokens are "less than 5%."


PleasrDAO is currently composed of 53 crypto investors. It was first proposed by Leighton Cusack, the co-founder of the DeFi savings lottery game Pool Together. The organization was established in March this year. Animation works produced by Uniswap, a decentralized exchange.

Cusack reposted pplpleasr's post and asked, "Does anyone want to create a fast DAO to bid for?", so PleasrDAO was established. In the end, the DAO also won the bid and purchased the NFT with 310 ETH. The purchase proceeds will be used. As a charity; although the original purpose was to buy Uniswap V3 NFT, because the members agreed with each other's philosophy of charity and were deeply inspired by the artist, they decided to continue to operate and buy more meaningful NFT works.

According to reports, one month after the purchase of Uniswap, PleasrDAO bought the NFT StayFree of Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden) for $5.4 million, and bought the anonymous browser Onion Router (Tor) in May. .onionURL NFT. In June, I bought the original Shiba Inu memes of Dogecoin (DOGE) with 1696.6 ETH.

In addition, PleasrDAO is not the first DAO project invested by a16z. In September, a16z participated in FWB (Friends With Benefits) DAO's US$10 million financing, which was completed at a valuation of US$100 million.

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