A Step Towards DeFi 3.0: A Sneak Peek Into Alfprotocol。

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One thing that keeps the development team occupied is ensuring that the platform’s launch provides users with a bug-free, smooth, and efficient protocol that offers an intuitive interface. As a result, the user interface has been extensively revised. Alf’s goal is to make sure that the user can navigate the platform with ease and take full advantage of the platform and all of its capabilities.

Today, Alf protocol unveils the first look at its user interface. Although the design is not finalized, the preview gives an extensive overview of what the team has planned. The final version of the user interface may alter somewhat in appearance but retain the same functionality.

The Dashboard
The dashboard for the Alf Protocol will provide a brief snapshot of the market’s performance. Users will be able to see the entire value locked, the total supply and demand, the top-performing pairs, and other information to ensure that they are always up to date on market dynamics.


The Farming Panel
The farming panel will provide an easy way for farming options on the given pair. The panel will allow access to leveraged and non-leveraged farming options with detailed balance information and expected APY. The panel will provide all the essential information to help investors make vital decisions before committing their funds.

Alf users will have access to high leverage farming options from the same panel, with leverage up to 200x only achievable due to the protocol’s use of Solana’s lightning-fast blockchain, which will ensure the safe monitoring and liquidation of unhealthy positions.

The team at Alf Protocol is currently working hard to continue developing the protocol, with more previews of the platform expected to come out soon.

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