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A new crypto-focused project is aiming to increase engagement by enabling fans to get their hands on limited-edition NFT items from content creators in a new way.


A crypto-focused company with an array of products and services has revealed the next priority on its ambitious roadmap — a cutting-edge staking system that is set to transform the relationship between high-profile content creators and their fans.

TimeTicket Inc. provides a skill sharing economy platform called TimeTicket, which is home to a community of about 500,000 people. This platform enables users to purchase the time of others — and receive help with website production, writing services, IT support, translations, counseling, and more. Work is under way to create a decentralized version of this platform that’s available internationally.

Another of its applications is eSportStars, which connects professional players with fans and enables them to participate in tournaments for games including Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, APEX, PUBG Mobile, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As previously reported by Cointelegraph, this platform is planning to roll out DeFi and NFT functionality soon.

With each of these subsidiaries showing promising developments, attention is now turning to a concept that is known as Creator Sponsor Staking — a model that is set to offer a better experience than rival platforms that focus on crowdfunding and tipping.

Making things exclusive

According to TimeTicket, fans who contribute to crowdfunding campaigns often end up getting little in return. Creator Sponsor Staking is designed to change this… and increase engagement as a result.

Through this novel environment, an exclusive set of talented content creators (including YouTubers, anime creators and illustrators) will be able to sell rare or limited-edition NFT items to people who believe in their work.

Whereas other marketplaces allow anyone to sell anything, Creator Sponsor Staking aims to become a premium platform where only the best of the best is on offer. It’s hoped that this will help creators differentiate themselves in what has become an exceedingly crowded market.

Negotiations are already under way, and TimeTicket is hoping to unveil just some of the high-profile personalities who have signed up to Creator Sponsor Staking in the near future. The project itself is set to launch in the coming months.


Strong user growth

TimeTicket says that, when all of these products and projects are taken together, it has delivered strong growth in recent years. TimeTicket’s user base is now 30 times greater than it was three years ago — and $4 million in equity funding has been raised to ensure that this platform can expand the range of skills that are on offer through this marketplace.

When it comes to its NFT marketplace, the company is planning to launch using OpenSeas technology — and it’s hoped that issues surrounding gas fees will be resolved by using ImmutableX and Matic technology. Executives believe that bringing costs down dramatically will play an instrumental role in welcoming more people to this space.

TimeCoin (TMCN) was recently listed on crypto exchanges including BitForex, Biki, and BitMart. Others are set to follow in the near future.

Even though the company’s roadmap is evolving, the end goal remains the same: Ensuring that the sharing economy is fair for all, and challenging some of the monopolies that have emerged in the space.

Anyone can build using TimeCoinProtocol, meaning developers with bright ideas for DApps that diversify and enrich the sharing economy can bring their concepts to life with ease.

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