270,000 addresses have received SOS airdrops! 9x9x9: SOS is the core asset of Metaverse

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OpenDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization established under the guidance of NFT collectors 9x9x9, announced on the 24th that SOS tokens will be airdropped to all OpenSea trading users. Anyone who has traded on OpenSea can receive SOS tokens, which immediately detonated the community. upsurge.

The blockchain data analysis website DuneAnalytics shows that the current SOS airdrop receipt rate has reached 78.69%, with more than 39 trillion SOS issued. The largest single airdrop recipient is 63.6 billion SOS, and the total claiming address has exceeded 270,000.

Coinmarketcap data shows that SOS has continued to soar since its issuance on the 24th, reaching a record high of $0.00001154 on the 25th, which is more than 17 times higher than the opening price of $0.0000006738 on the 24th. However, the currency price has started to fall recently. As of the deadline, it was reported at 0.000005862 US dollars, a drop of 2.82% in the past 24 hours.

SOS Chengyuan Universe's core asset?

In response to the SOS airdrop boom, as the founder behind the OpenDAO project, he said on Twitter on 9x9x927 that in just 2 days, more than 250,000 addresses received airdrops. This has surpassed the monthly active users of OpenSea, and he thinks SOS will be The core asset of Meta Universe predicts that SOS may become the governance token and dual currency system for many projects or agreements in the future.

9x9x9 said: SOS is more of a core asset in the metaverse. In the future, NFT exchanges, games, and protocols may all use SOS as a governance token or dual currency system. At the same time, the project team will desperately buy SOS to manipulate openDAO voting + bribe veSOS holders to vote, just like veCRV. More than 250,000 addresses in 2 days have surpassed the monthly active users of OS. Thank you for the contribution of OS to the development of the industry!

Responding to project queries

It is worth noting that in the past few days, many experts have mentioned that OpenDAO's contract design has loopholes, and there may be many doubts about the risk of RugPull. 9x9x9 also responded to some of these doubts today. .

9x9x9 said: DAO multi-signature wallet has more than 10 candidates, and the election will take place soon. 20% of SOS will be moved to multi-signature wallets. 20% in the staking pool of partner SushiSwap + 10% in the liquidity mining reward pool of SushiSwap. Once the election is completed, the pledged smart contract owner will be transferred to multi-signature.

9x9x9 further stated: If anyone is concerned about 50% of the total number of SOS held by the top 3 wallet addresses, then I want to let you know that this will be completely in the hands of multi-signatures, and SOS holders will vote to determine who is the gatekeeper people. Regarding all doubts that developers can receive any amount of SOS from any wallet, this function is to withdraw all unclaimed SOS to DAO on June 30, 2022. Fudder will always be FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, meaning fear, confusion, doubt), but this was written on the website from the first day (3 days ago), and there are now about 80% of OpenSea users , Approximately 300,000 wallets to receive.

At the same time, the upsurge of the OpenDAO project continues. Its official Twitter currently has 129,000 followers. OpenDAO has also reached a cooperation with the cross-chain NFT market XMarketplace, and users can obtain veX tokens by staking SOS in the future.

In addition, the NFT project MonftersClub officially announced on Twitter on the 27th that it will airdrop Genesis NFT to people who hold more than 10,000,000 SOS. A total of 721 NFTs will be used to pay tribute to the 721 spirit and become the first NFT series to support SOS holders to receive. .

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