Jack Dorsey appoints 4 board of directors for ₿trust Foundation to help Bitcoin development in Africa

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Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who recently announced his resignation as CEO of Twitter, established a foundation called ₿trust with Jay-Z, the rap king, at the beginning of the year, and at the same time publicly recruited board members of the foundation. Today, Jack Dorsey officially appointed 4 board members on Twitter. The first phase will be dedicated to promoting Bitcoin development in Africa.

Jack Dorsey appoints 4 board of directors for ₿trust Foundation to help Bitcoin development in Africa

In February of this year, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, who is a loyal supporter of Bitcoin, and Jay-Z, the king of American hip-hop, will donate 500 Bitcoins (the price was about 23.5 million US dollars at the time). Established a foundation named "₿trust", and stated that the first phase will focus on funding the local blockchain ecological development in Africa and India.

At that time, Jack Dorsey pointed out on Twitter, "₿trust will be established in the form of an irrevocable blind trust (BlindTrust), and is not led by them. The foundation needs three board members to join in order to start. For this they At that time, I also attached an application form to Twitter to openly recruit members of the foundation's board of directors.

Today (15), he officially announced on Twitter that the ₿trust board of directors was formally established, and 4 board members were appointed: Carla Kirk-Cohen (the developer of Lightning Labs, a startup of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, currently living in Cape, South Africa) Dun. Carla is committed to developing the infrastructure of the Lightning Network), Abubakar Nur Khalil (a core contributor to Bitcoin Inc., currently the chief technology officer of Reserve Capital, a Nigerian venture capital company, is committed to funding the critical infrastructure of Web3.0 to change Africa Digital economy), Obi Nwosu (CEO and co-founder of Coinfloor, a veteran British Bitcoin exchange dedicated to pushing Bitcoin to the world), and Ojoma Ochai, who currently lives in Nigeria.

It is reported that the four members will work hard to promote Bitcoin development in Africa. Jack Dorsey revealed that these four elites are four developers selected by the team from 7,000 applicants. He pointed out: They will now work hard to define operating principles to think about how to best allocate 500 bitcoins to development work.

Jack Dorsey is the strongest supporter of Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey resigned from his post as CEO of Twitter at the end of November. At that time, most people in the community held a positive attitude, believing that he would spend more time in cryptocurrency, or in his other company, Square (now Renamed to "Block") to promote the progress of the encryption business. And Square, the payment giant under his control, announced on December 1 that it would change its company name to "Block", demonstrating its goal of continuing economic empowerment to the public through the blockchain.

This year, Jack Dorsey, in addition to advancing Twitter to support the Lightning Network function, let Twitter launch the tipping function of Bitcoin payment in September. In Block Company, it is developing a number of key blockchain-related projects. In July, it was revealed that the company is building a Bitcoin hardware wallet and is also developing a Bitcoin DeFi developer platform. The platform is named TBD. The project has released a white paper in November.

Earlier this month, Block’s cryptocurrency division Spiral announced the launch of the Bitcoin Lightning Network Development Kit LIGHTNING DEV KIT (LDK), which aims to help developers more easily port the Lightning Network to mobile devices and point-of-sale networks.

In addition to the official launch of the ₿trust Foundation to fund Bitcoin development, Block also has an ongoing Square Crypto Grant program to fund the development of Bitcoin-related technologies and designs.

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