SpiceDAO announces successful €2.66 million bid for unpublished manuscript of 'Dune' film

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On January 17th, the DAO organization Spice DAO announced that it had successfully bid 2.66 million euros (about 3.03 million US dollars) to bid for the unpublished manuscript of the "Dune" film by Alejandro Jodorowosky. Next, the project plans to publish the book (to the extent permitted by law). within), produce and sell original animated limited series inspired by the book to streaming services, and support spin-off projects from the community.

It is reported that Spice DAO has previously raised 2,608 ETH through juicebox, valued at over $87 billion. The excess funds of the project will be used to pay for scanning, storage costs and other activities, and will be voted on by the DAO community.

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