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The world-renowned beverage brand Pepsi (Pepsi) announced on the 9th that it will launch its first brand Genesis NFT series "Pepsi Mic Drop". This series will be based on the brand's popular music elements and cast 1,893 randomly generated on the Ethereum algorithm. The unique NFT commemorates the birth year of Pepsi, and was designed and created by Vayner NFT, a pioneering entity under VaynerX Holdings.

"Pepsi Mic Drop" aims to pay tribute to the legendary history of Pepsi in music and the classic Pepsi flavor series. The series will be based on microphone visual effects (including microphones, stage, accessories, etc.), and inspired by iconic Pepsi flavors, including classic blue Pepsi, silver sugar-free Pepsi, red cherry flavor Pepsi, and black zero Sugar Pepsi, as well as the once popular crystal Pepsi and other flavors.

Free airdrop to the waiting list

These NFTs will be open for applications on the waiting list at micdrop.pepsi.com at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on December 10 (1 am Beijing time on the 11th). After that, at 12:30 pm on December 14th, US Eastern Time (1:30 am on the 15th, Beijing time), consumers who have been approved by the waiting list will be able to mint NFT for free, but they must pay the gas processing fee and must use the MetaMask wallet to receive NFT.

Users who successfully obtain NFT will be able to sell or trade Pepsi Mic Drop NFT on the secondary market, such as OpenSea or other Ethereum-based NFT platforms. In addition, PepsiCo will reserve 50 NFTs for other programs at this event, and restrict participation by US taxpayers. Participants will be required to provide necessary information to determine their tax status.

Todd Kaplan, vice president of Pepsi, said: Pepsi has always been a brand with deep roots in music and pop culture, so it is very appropriate for us to enter the new world of NFT with the epic "Pepsi Mic Drop" theme.

The Pepsi press release pointed out: Pepsi has created the Pepsi Mic Dropgenesis NFT series for our fans, putting their interests and needs first, ensuring that all NFTs are provided for free, so that anyone can experience the exciting NFT world.

Baidu will release the first Chinese meta-universe "Greetings"

In addition, according to a report by the Hong Kong Economic Times today (10), Chinese Internet search engine giant Baidu (Baidu) will release China’s first domestically produced meta-universal APP on December 27th. At that time, Baidu’s AI Developer Conference will be held at It is held in the newly-launched Hyang Yuan Universe. It is reported that this is the first conference held by China in the Yuan Universe. The virtual space will be able to accommodate 100,000 people in the Yuan Universe to interact together.

Greece’s official website shows that Greece is made up of infinitely connected virtual spaces. Each virtual space is a unique digital city. The urban design contains strong elements of ancient Chinese style, such as showing Chinese landscapes in the style of ink painting. , Culture and history, businesses and partners can even customize their own virtual space.

Users can also create an exclusive avatar (avatar3D), log in to Greece on personal computers, mobile phones, and wearable devices, and conduct instant voice and interactive communication with customers and partners. In addition, Greece can also be used as a business development platform to support multiplayer online activities in virtual spaces such as exhibitions, live competitions, speeches, performances, business negotiations and customer service.

Ma Jie, vice president of Baidu and head of Greece, said: Metaverse is still in a very early stage of industrial exploration, and the development is gradual. It will take a long time for the entire community to build and reach maturity together.

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