FDIC seeking Signet buyer, returning Signature crypto deposits next week

    theblock 2023-03-30 77276 views DeFi
    · Members of the House Financial Services Committee pressed FDIC Chair Martin Gruenberg over the agency’s handling of crypto following the bankruptcies of Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank. · Emmer asked Gruenberg questions about the FDIC’s communication with banks about cryptocurrencies. Members of the House Financial Services Committee pressed Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chair Martin Gruenberg over his agency's handling of Signature Bank's digital asset-related business.

    Uniswap Goes Live on BNB Chain: Fueling DeFi Growth and Attracting Millions

    coinwire 2023-03-29 53934 views DeFi
    Uniswap, the decentralized exchange protocol with the highest trading volume, has announced that it is now live on BNB Chain. The deployment of Uniswap Protocol v3 on BNB Chain was made possible after it received 66% of voter support. This move is significant as it has the potential to provide users with more efficient and cost-effective trading options, while also tapping into new geographical markets.

    Bitcoin hash rate continues to rise, but DeFi is under threat: Report

    cointelegraph 2023-03-16 45703 views DeFi
    New hardware is revolutionizing the mining industry, while other crypto sectors continue to falter. The beginning of 2023 raised hopes that the blockchain industry was on the path toward recovery, but weaker-than-hoped financial performance and a bout of negative news in February have cast doubts on this outlook. However, these headwinds do not affect all sectors of the industry uniformly. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and security tokens have managed to decouple from the broader environment and showed positive signs in February, but the rest of the market remains cautious.

    Coinbase files brief in SEC Wahi case, says it doesn't sell securities but would like to

    cointelegraph 2023-03-15 46295 views DeFi
    The crypto exchange says in its amicus brief that the accused inside traders can’t answer for its listing decisions in the current regulatory uncertainty. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase filed an amicus brief in support of a motion to dismiss the case brought by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission against former Coinbase product manager Ishan Wahi and others for insider trading. Coinbase says it condemns the defendants’ conduct but supports their motion because of the SEC’s assumption that the exchange listed securities on its platform.

    Aussie fintech to offer mainstream direct access to DeFi with a fixed rate

    2022-03-19 1521 views DeFi
    Taking the “heavy lifting” out of DeFi — Block Earner has received $6.4 million in seed funding and is ready to offer fixed yields from Aave and Compound to Australian investors.

    Parallel Finance Launches DeFi 'Super App' for Polkadot Crypto Ecosystem

    2022-03-19 1585 views DeFi
    The lending protocol, with $500 million in TVL, is making a play for market dominance.

    Aave V3 is here and it wants to solve everything you hate in DeFi

    2022-03-19 4334 views DeFi
    One of the biggest lending protocols is getting its most powerful version yet.

    Why Olympus DAO can't sustain its growth

    2022-03-19 1247 views DeFi
    Olympus DAO is the first decentralized reserve currency protocol with over 1,000% APY.

    Derify Protocol Brings the Much-Awaited Innovation to DeFi and BSC Ecosystem

    2022-03-18 1382 views DeFi
    DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, was one of the most exciting stories on web 3.0, however, the craze has faded since the summer of 2021, amid a lack of innovation.One of the most promising project on the market, Derify protocol is built and ...

    Binance app to integrate PancakeSwap, Binance DeFi Wallet

    2022-03-18 1285 views DeFi
    Binance is about to integrate the popular decentralized exchange PancakeSwap into its app. At the same time the exchange is announcing the non-custodial Binance DeFi Wallet enabling users to switch between Binance and DeFi.

    What Problems is izumi Solving for Uniswap V3

    2022-03-18 1458 views DeFi
    Is the liquidity mining protocol izumi a gamechanger? Why has it grown so much in Uniswap V3, and what problems does it solve?

    Crypto: Five Forms of Yield Farming for DeFi Players

    2022-03-17 1325 views DeFi
    Summary⦁ This article examines yield farming from a fundamentals perspective, the operation of cryptoassets for compound returns. It clarifies the most basic exchange of value throughout the mining process.⦁ DeFi investors passively provide...

    Grasp the near-term Cosmos ecological airdrop opportunity

    2022-03-17 1391 views DeFi
    Compared with the lack of mood in the crypto market, the airdrops in the Cosmos ecosystem are in full swing. According to statistics, about 13 projects have announced airdrop-related information in the Cosmos ecosystem in the past week, inc...

    MetaMask launches DAO and Token plan, what does it mean?

    2022-03-17 1126 views DeFi
    In the early morning of March 16, Beijing time, Joe Lubin, CEO of Ethereum infrastructure development company ConsenSys, said that MetaMask will soon launch a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The new DAO will not participate i...

    MakerDAO risk control members tell: Why update the economic model

    2022-03-17 1292 views DeFi
    Yesterday, monetsupply.eth, a member of MakerDAO's risk control team, proposed MakerDAO's new economic model and governance plan, and explained the reasons for the revision on Twitter.1- I just made a token economics and governance improvem...

    How to earn more ETH with ETH? Learn about these 5 strategies

    2022-03-17 1141 views DeFi
    ETH is the world’s first “triple-point asset”: it is a capital asset (staking ETH will provide bond-like yields), a digital commodity (used to pay gas fees), and a Non-sovereign store-of-value assets (similar to Bitcoin), all packaged into ...

    Aave in-depth research report: How is the DeFi lending king made?

    2022-03-17 3930 views DeFi
    The first part of the research report——▌1. Core investment logicAave is located in a broad track, and the overall quality of the project is very good. It is a DeFi white horse project worthy of long-term attention. The specific investment l...

    Why DEX aggregators are the future of on-chain transactios?

    2022-03-17 1417 views DeFi
    With Web 2.0, why do we need aggregators?One thing in common between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 is user demand for products and tools that increase convenience and reduce search costs.Amazon, for example, has built an empire by creating a convenie...

    Proof of Reputation: The Future Of DeFi

    2022-03-16 1315 views DeFi
    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become one of the most popular concepts of the crypto world recently, and with good reasons. Its applications not only opens unprecedented opportunities to users of any background, but it does so in user-fri...

    This Rugged FTM-Based Protocol Sends A Warning About DeFi Projects

    2022-03-16 1328 views DeFi
    The safety of the DeFi and especially the FTM ecosystem is shaking as “Tomb Fork” projects seem to be the perfect place for scams to thrive. Even after some investigation, what might look like a safer project can still turn out to be a frau...
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