Google is racing to build a new AI-powered search engine

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Google is developing a new AI-powered search engine called Magi, according to a report by Gigazine1. The project is aimed at competing with Microsoft and OpenAIs partnership, as well as Samsung and other Android smartphone makers. Magis feature is that it can answer various questions from users through a chatbot interface, including music, programming, news and more. Magi can also provide more personalized and intelligent search results based on user preferences and contexts.

Magi is expected to be a game-changer in the search engine market, as it will offer a more natural and conversational way of finding information. Users will be able to interact with Magi as if they were talking to a friend or an expert, rather than typing keywords or phrases. Magi will also be able to learn from user feedback and behavior, and improve its accuracy and relevance over time.

Google has not officially announced Magi yet, but it is reportedly working on it with more than 160 employees. Magi is said to be one of Googles top priorities, as it faces increasing competition from other tech giants and rivals. Google hopes that Magi will help it maintain its dominance in the search engine industry, and attract more users to its ecosystem of products and services.