Gala Games Launches Gala(v2) Upgrade with New Tokenomics, Governance, and Roadmap

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Gala Games is a platform for gamers and NFT lovers. It lets users buy NFTs, earn Gala tokens, and join the platform's community. Gala Games has announced a big upgrade called Gala(v2). The upgrade will change the token model, the voting system, and the plan for future games and features.

Gala Games was started in 2019 by Eric Schiermeyer, who also co-founded Zynga. He wanted to give gamers more ownership and control. The platform has over 1.8 million users and over 20,000 node operators. The upgrade will use a new token standard that will make transactions faster, cheaper, and more compatible. The new token will have a fixed supply of 50 billion GALA, with different parts for different purposes.

The upgrade will also use a new voting system that will let node operators and GALA holders vote on things that matter to the platform. The voting system will use Snapshot, a tool that does not need gas fees. The system will also use quadratic voting, a method that tries to make voting fairer and more balanced.

Lastly, Gala(v2) will show a new plan for the platform's future games and features. Some of the games are Mirandus, Echoes of Empire, Spider Tank Project, Fortified, and Town Star. Some of the features are an NFT marketplace, a Gala Games app, a Gala Games SDK, and more.