Distyl AI and OpenAI form service alliance and raise $7 million in seed funding

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Recently, Distyl AI and OpenAI  companies announced that they have formed a service alliance to jointly promote the commercialization and popularization of LLM technology.

According to reports, the service alliance between Distyl AI and OpenAI will allow Distyl AI to use OpenAIs advanced LLM platforms, such as GPT-3 and Codex, to provide customized AI products and services for its customers. At the same time, OpenAI will expand the application scope and value of its LLM technology in different domains and scenarios through Distyl AIs expertise and industry experience.

Distyl AI said that the service alliance will help it achieve its vision of unlocking competitive advantages for enterprises using AI and reducing the risk and cost of AI adoption. OpenAI said that the service alliance is in line with its mission of ensuring that humanity can benefit from friendly and powerful AI and promoting the fairness and openness of AI.

In addition to the service alliance, Distyl AI also announced that it has raised $7 million in seed funding from several well-known venture capital firms. The funding will be used to expand Distyl AIs team size, increase the variety and quality of its LLM products and services, and strengthen its cooperation with partners such as OpenAI.