Putin signs digital ruble bill into law, enabling CBDC in Russia

    coingeek 2023-07-27 73360 views Trending
    ​Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has signed the digital ruble bill into law, allowing the country’s central bank to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the hopes that it will help combat inflation and the heavy economic sanctions imposed on the country after its invasion of Ukraine.

    What is an atomic swap, and how does it work?

    cointelegraph 2023-07-27 65613 views Trending
    Atomic swaps remove intermediaries and centralized control, thereby making cryptocurrency exchanges more decentralized.Atomic swaps enable peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions between individuals with different cryptocurrencies on two separate blockchains, eliminating the requirement for an intermediary (such as a centralized exchange). Atomic swaps allow users to exchange digital assets as per self-executing smart contracts.

    Former CFTC Chairman Supports Stablecoins as Crypto-Real World Bridge

    2023-07-26 52626 views Trending
    Timothy Massad, the former chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), has emphasized the significance of stablecoins and urged regulators not to dismiss their potential. In a recent interview with CNBC, Massad highlighted its role as a bridge between the crypto world and the real world, urging governments to pay attention to their utility and not view them as a transient trend.

    Worldcoin launches, token pumps, Orbs multiply, suspicion mounts

    coingeek 2023-07-26 47422 views Trending
    Worldcoin has finally launched its token, although questions remain over the controversial eyeball-scanning project’s motivations and commitment to transparency.On Monday, the Worldcoin Foundation announced that the Worldcoin project “is now live and in a production-grade state.” Co-founded by OpenAI founder Sam Altman, Worldcoin is an attempt to introduce online biometric identity verification via scanning the irises of, well, everyone on the planet, although progress on that front has been slow.

    Japan’s Digital Yen Exploration: A Deep Dive into the Pilot Program

    coinwire 2023-07-25 58322 views Policy
    The financial landscape is rapidly evolving, and central banks worldwide are exploring the potential of digital currencies. At the forefront of these endeavors is Japan’s Central Bank. By initiating dialogue involving 60 enterprises, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) is making significant strides towards a digital yen. However, the bank’s final decision on the matter is yet to be made.

    US crypto's future could fall on these 4 digital asset bills

    cointelegraph 2023-07-25 55056 views Policy
    The crypto bills could hand power to the purportedly more crypto-friendly CFTC and better define the SEC’s jurisdiction.Since 2022, there have been at least 50 digital asset bills reportedly introduced to Congress, aiming to govern everything from stablecoins to the jurisdictions of United States regulators.

    India hops on the AI train with launch of new online course

    coingeek 2023-07-24 47765 views Policy
    India’s government has joined the growing list of countries seeking to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into key industries by launching a learning module for residents.

    Arkansas counties rush to pass noise regulations for crypto miners

    cointelegraph 2023-07-24 35999 views Policy
    Several counties in the U.S. state of Arkansas are hurrying to adopt new ordinances before August when crypto mining facilities will be subject to the same rules as data centers.

    Tesla’s Cryptocurrency Endeavor: Unchanged Bitcoin Holdings in Q2 2023

    coinwire 2023-07-22 45747 views Trending
    Tesla, the cutting-edge automobile and renewable energy firm championed by the enterprising Elon Musk, has once again found itself in the spotlight. This time, however, it’s not due to its electric vehicles, but rather its Bitcoin holdings. The company recently declared that its Bitcoin holdings remained unchanged in the second quarter of 2023, showcasing Tesla’s strategic approach to cryptocurrency investment.

    U.S. House Republicans Introduce Crypto Oversight Bill With Changes From June Draft

    coindesk 2023-07-22 54692 views Policy
    The revised bill excludes a host of traditional securities from the "digital asset" category, which some say bodes ill for DeFi

    Fed Dramatically Speeds Up U.S. Payments With FedNow, but Downplays Any Tie to CBDCs

    coindesk 2023-07-21 31413 views Policy
    Some argue it would weaken crypto’s payments use case or form a bridge to a digital dollar.

    UK banks risk losing licenses for debanking customers over political views

    cointelegraph 2023-07-21 55999 views Policy
    The British government may impose tighter freedom of speech protections on banking permits following a public dispute between Nigel Farage and Coutts bank.

    U.S. Bitcoin ETF Decision: BlackRock and Giants Await SEC Verdict

    coinwire 2023-07-20 74386 views Policy
    ​The world of cryptocurrency eagerly awaits a potential breakthrough as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) nears a crucial decision on Bitcoin ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds). Major players like BlackRock have submitted applications for ETF listings, sparking anticipation among investors. With the clock ticking on SEC’s approval or rejection, the future of crypto assets hangs in the balance.

    New U.S. Senate Bill Wants to Regulate DeFi Like a Bank

    coindesk 2023-07-20 58079 views Policy
    The U.S. Senate is poised to take another crack at regulating the crypto industry with a new bill that would place stringent anti-money laundering (AML) requirements on decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

    UK bill designed to keep children safe online should cover metaverse

    coingeek 2023-07-19 68296 views Trending
    Some U.K. House of Lords members have called for a bill to regulate internet services to extend to virtual environments such as the metaverse.The Online Safety Bill, which was debated again by the upper house on July 12, should cover “anything communicated by means of an internet service,” some argued. Spokesman for the digital economy Timothy Clement-Jones argued that failure to cover environments such as the metaverse would be to fail British children and vulnerable adults.

    Bitcoin Cannot Remain Indifferent to Dollar Index for Long: Analyst

    coindesk 2023-07-19 44580 views Trending
    U.S dollar index's fate impacts global liquidity conditions, which, in turn, influences risk assets, including cryptocurrencies.

    UAE and India Trade Partnership: The End of the Dollar Dominance?

    coinwire 2023-07-18 69084 views Policy
    The Local Currency Settlement System (LCSS) will be established as part of the MoU on adopting national currencies, with the goal of increasing the usage of the rupee and the dirham. All Capital and Current Account Transactions allowed under the Agreement are covered.

    FTC launches first major US investigation into ChatGPT maker OpenAI

    coingeek 2023-07-18 73645 views AI
    The top U.S. consumer protection agency has launched the country’s first major probe into OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating whether OpenAI breached customer protection laws or caused reputational harm to its users in the company’s biggest regulatory threat.

    India unveils plans to trigger increased CBDC adoption

    coingeek 2023-07-17 62936 views Policy
    India’s banking regulator has expressed confidence that its central bank digital currency (CBDC) could record 1 million transactions each day before the end of the year.

    Law 3.0 — An evolution toward on-chain legal resolution in Web3

    cointelegraph 2023-07-17 76557 views Trending
    As Web3 redefines digital interactions, the conventional legal system lags, underlining the need for a new on-chain legal mechanism.
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