Hong Kong reiterates ‘crypto’ and stablecoin regulation pledge as crime skyrockets

    coingeek 2024-02-26 64663 views Trending
    ​The Hong Kong government will introduce draft bills to regulate digital assets this year amid skyrocketing ‘crypto’ crime over the past three years, a top official has revealed.

    Malaysia’s EV sector taps blockchain for improved service offerings

    coingeek 2024-02-23 56440 views Trending
    A trio of Malaysian electric vehicle (EV) sector players have signaled an intention to leverage blockchain technology to address pressing industry challenges.ACO Tech, Malaysia Automotive, Robotics & IoT Institute (MARii), and Geno Group inked a deal to exchange ideas on blockchain to improve Malaysia’s EV sector. The collaboration intends to lay the foundation for a broader industry-wide partnership among key players.

    Honduras bans banks from dealing with digital assets

    coingeek 2024-02-22 30887 views Trending
    ​The top banking regulator in Honduras has prohibited banks from engaging in digital asset trading or custody despite regional adoption.

    India allots $1M for projects tackling critical gaps in healthcare infrastructure

    coingeek 2024-02-20 72668 views Trending
    ​Blockchain For Impact (BFI), a healthcare fund set up during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, has allocated $1 million over three years for the BFI-Biome Virtual Network Programme and supports collaborative projects aimed at translating research outcomes into tangible healthcare solutions.

    Google expands AI development with new hub in France

    coingeek 2024-02-19 71206 views Trending
    ​Tech giant Google has confirmed plans to establish a research hub for artificial intelligence (AI) in France, continuing a trend for leading tech firms to set up innovation teams in European cities.

    UK’s digital pound faces trust concerns and political opposition

    coingeek 2024-02-18 53721 views Trending
    ​The erosion of financial privacy and loss of access to cash have been among the key concerns United Kingdom citizens have expressed regarding a digital pound. However, as a general election edges closer, politics are coming into play, with each faction treading a fine line between pushing the U.K. to financial technology leadership and appeasing the electorate.

    Bank of Russia onboards more commercial banks for digital ruble pilot

    coingeek 2024-02-07 49547 views Trending
    ​As the digital ruble pilot moves forward, the Bank of Russia has enlisted more commercial banks to join its central bank digital currency (CBDC) experiments.

    EU catches up with AI, leads blockchain adoption

    coingeek 2024-02-06 58113 views Trending
    In 2021, the European Commission presented its 2030 Digital Decade vision to the world. The ambitious program outlined plans to transform the region, ensuring 80% of citizens have basic digital skills, digitally transforming businesses, and shooting for universal gigabit connectivity, among other aims.

    Blockchain applications in music explored in South Korean study

    coingeek 2024-02-05 64864 views Trending
    ​A pair of South Korean researchers are exploring the intersection of blockchain technology and music in a new study assessing use cases and impacts for consumers and artists.

    AI-generated Biden impersonation hits New Hampshire

    coingeek 2024-02-04 75041 views Trending
    Artificial intelligence (AI)-generated disinformation around the 2024 presidential election has begun. In late January, New Hampshire residents were targeted by a robocall scam that used AI to mimic the voice of President Joe Biden, discouraging them from participating in the state’s primary election.

    Binance faces barriers in reestablishing UK presence: Bloomberg

    cointelegraph 2024-02-02 61106 views Trending
    Binance has reportedly been turned away by at least three Financial Conduct Authority-authorized partners since October.

    Bitcoin price stumbles after Fed dashes hopes for rate cuts in March

    cointelegraph 2024-02-01 51541 views Trending
    The price of Bitcoin dipped 2.5% after the Fed pressed pause on interest rates and dampened any hope of rate cuts next month.

    Visa enables crypto withdrawals on debit cards in 145 countries

    cointelegraph 2024-01-31 63382 views Trending
    MetaMask users can now sell crypto directly to a Visa card, which eliminates the need to use centralized exchanges.

    UAE sets up council to trigger AI development, innovation

    coingeek 2024-01-30 46221 views Trending
    ​The United Arab Emirates has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) council to lead the nation’s foray into the emerging ecosystem.

    Regulatory crackdown: South Korea, Taiwan issue arrest warrants; Abra settles in Texas

    coingeek 2024-01-29 39829 views Trending
    Global regulators have ramped up their crackdown on rogue digital asset operators, with Taiwanese and South Korean authorities pushing to arrest the leaders of two virtual asset service providers (VASPs). In the United States, the Texas securities watchdog settled with a digital asset lender, which agreed to refund $1.8 million to Texan investors.

    Egypt eyes CBDC launch by 2030

    coingeek 2024-01-26 41855 views Trending
    ​The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is mulling over the prospects of rolling out a digital version of its currency to increase financial inclusion among its unbanked population.

    Jamaica to finance point-of-sale upgrades in CBDC push

    coingeek 2024-01-25 77721 views Trending
    ​Jamaica has pledged to invest millions of dollars in upgrading the country’s Point-of-Sale (PoS) equipment to handle JAM-DEX, 18 months after the central bank digital currency‘s (CBDC) launch.

    Thailand lifts restrictions on retail investment in digital tokens

    coingeek 2024-01-24 66966 views Trending
    ​Thailand is inviting investment into tokenized real-world assets, with the country’s securities regulator lifting an investment cap that limited retail investors’ involvement.

    Pro-crypto US presidential candidates quit, Trump to ‘never allow’ CBDC: Law Decoded

    cointelegraph 2024-01-23 74589 views Trending
    Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis quit the U.S. presidential race, while Donald Trump promised to “never allow” a CBDC in the country.

    What are cryptocurrency hedge funds, and how do they work?

    cointelegraph 2024-01-22 56063 views Trending
    Hedge funds, named for their original purpose of hedging against market risks, gather funds from various investors to diversify across assets, aiming to mitigate market risks. A hedge fund is an investment fund where capital from various institutional and individual investors is combined and put toward a range of assets, including derivatives, stocks, bonds, commodities and foreign currencies, with the aim of optimizing returns.
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