Ethiopia to establish CBDC framework following new banking reforms approval

    coingeek 2024-06-21 59086 views Trending
    ​As part of plans to liberalize the country’s financial landscape, Ethiopia’s Council of Ministers is moving toward introducing new banking reforms, with the incoming rules hinting at a commercial rollout of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

    Hong Kong Treasury chief: We’re leading in Web3 with digital currency ETFs, enabling regulations

    coingeek 2024-06-20 71387 views Web3
    ​Hong Kong has become a premier global destination for Web3 and digital assets, with its approval of digital currency ETFs and favorable regulations opening up new opportunities for investors and innovators, says the region’s top finance official.

    US advocacy group seeks ties with India on pending tech regulations

    coingeek 2024-06-19 56095 views Trending
    The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), a premier global advocate for technology that represents U.S. technology giants like Google, Amazon , Meta, Apple and Microsoft , said it is looking forward to working on pending regulations with the new team at India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

    ASEAN countries join hands for AI development

    coingeek 2024-06-17 79880 views Trending
    ​Southeast Asian countries have pledged to work together to foster the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the region and established a working group on AI governance.In their recent meeting, technology and innovation ministers from members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) announced a raft of measures aimed at boosting the region’s AI capabilities. These include ramping up regional consultation on AI development, investing in education and public awareness, investing in AI infrastructure and establishing robust data governance frameworks.

    Nigeria remains global leader in ‘Bitcoin’ Google searches amid government crackdown

    coingeek 2024-06-14 42726 views Trending
    Nigeria has maintained its lead in Googlesearches for “Bitcoin” despite a crackdown that has led to the shutdown of leading global exchanges. Meanwhile, United States lawmakers have criticized the arrest and detention of Binance executive Tigran Gambaryan, describing it as “wrongful detention.”

    France wants to certify smart contracts—is it even possible?

    coingeek 2024-06-13 62280 views Trending
    The regulatory arm of the Banque de France, the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR), wants to certify smart contracts. The First Deputy Governor of the Banque de France recently confirmed that work between it and the ACPR to make that process mandatory is ongoing.

    OpenAI insiders accuse the company of prioritizing profits over safety

    coingeek 2024-06-12 63266 views Trending
    ​In the heated race to build the most powerful artificial intelligence (AI) models, industry leaders Google and OpenAI have abandoned their commitment to safety, insiders from the two companies alleged this week.

    India to leverage AI for tackling climate change risks, official says

    coingeek 2024-06-11 62580 views Trending
    ​India will not only use artificial intelligence (AI) to boost economic growth but is also planning to use the technology for climate change mitigation, adaptation and other related issues.

    US antitrust chief to scrutinize AI sector for monopoly risks

    cointelegraph 2024-06-06 36867 views Trending
    U.S. antitrust enforcer Jonathan Kanter said regulators must urgently examine the AI sector to prevent potential monopolies.

    AI revenue could balloon to $12 billion by 2030: report

    coingeek 2024-06-06 44192 views Trending
    ​As artificial intelligence (AI) inches forward, revenues for the ecosystem are expected to surpass $12 billion before the end of the decade, driven by increasing adoption rates and innovative leaps.

    Canada moves toward AI strategy for government operations

    coingeek 2024-06-05 51663 views Trending
    ​Canada could be making a full-scale pivot to artificial intelligence (AI) for government processes in the coming weeks, following regulators’ development of a national strategy.The Treasury Board is taking the lead in the quest to integrate AI into government operations but hints at a broader collaborative effort by sister agencies. Treasury Board President Anita Anand noted that the move is the first attempt by the government to embrace AI after lone attempts by individual agencies.

    Deutsche Bank explores tokenized funds to survive margin compression

    coingeek 2024-06-04 47465 views Trending
    ​Blockchain technology can enable banks to stay competitive and profitable as revenue from margin fees continues to drop, says Deutsche Bank.Deutsche recently announced that it had joined Project Guardian, a project by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) that explores asset tokenization on public blockchains.

    Japan’s Nomura bank announces new stablecoin project

    coingeek 2024-06-03 49897 views Trending
    ​Japanese financial services giant Nomura Holdings has announced a new partnership with the GMO Internet Group to explore stablecoins backed by Japanese yen and U.S. dollar.

    HKMA urges Hong Kong banks to upskill workforce on AI

    coingeek 2024-05-31 77307 views Trending
    ​Artificial intelligence (AI) will redefine financial services in Hong Kong, and commercial banks must prepare for the AI revolution, the city-state’s central bank says.In its latest guidance, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) discussed manpower management in the age of AI, acknowledging that the technology is taking root in the state’s banking industry. Banks are leveraging it to provide customized services for their clients and process massive amounts of data to detect fraud.

    Spain’s central bank launches third wholesale CBDC trial

    coingeek 2024-05-30 45305 views Trending
    ​The Spanish central bank has launched a third trial for its wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC), focusing on a natively digital bond.

    Hong Kong enables digital yuan payments

    coingeek 2024-05-29 47844 views Trending
    ​Hong Kong will allow residents to set up digital yuan wallets and make payments at local merchant stores, becoming the first region beyond mainland China to support the central bank digital currency (CBDC).

    EU Commission urged to prepare for blockchain and AI integration

    cointelegraph 2024-05-28 52992 views Trending
    Decentralized AI networks, enhancement of smart contracts and emerging DeFi protocols are some of the upcoming trends in blockchain, according to EUBOF.

    African countries bracing for AI adoption amid glaring challenges: report

    coingeek 2024-05-27 47576 views Trending
    ​While artificial intelligence (AI) continues its remarkable climb worldwide, several African countries are throwing their hats in the ring to incorporate the emerging technology into their economies.

    US House passes FIT21 but uncertain future awaits in Senate, White House

    coingeek 2024-05-24 37270 views Trending
    ​The U.S. House of Representatives has made history by approving the first federal legislation governing how digital assets are to be regulated, although its ultimate fate remains anything but assured.

    India may extend market share cap deadline for UPI digital payment

    coingeek 2024-05-23 56599 views Trending
    India’s National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), which has the regulatory mandate to oversee retail payments and settlement systems in the country, is likely to “delay caps on market share” for the popular instant real-time payment system Unified Payment Interface (UPI), extending the deadline by as much as two years.
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