Ukraine’s Security Service dismantles illegal cryptocurrency mining farm that stole a lot of state-owned electricity

Time:2022-01-18 00:00 Source:Internet Copy share

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) is taking action against potential threats to Ukraine's energy security. In an operation in Odessa, the SSU dismantled a clandestine cryptocurrency mining farm that stole large amounts of electricity from a state-owned critical infrastructure. Such illegal activities can lead to emergencies in the transport sector, including rail transport. In addition, the outlawing of this illegal business has also prevented millions of people from losing their budgets. According to the investigation, the center was organized by two residents of the area. Crypto miners are installed in warehouses rented by the city. The criminals convert part of the proceeds into foreign currency and transfer it abroad through a third party. They also keep the remaining digital currency in their virtual wallets. Investigators confirmed that the group was connected to the national grid through unauthorized means to power specialized equipment.

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