The number of Bitcoin non-zero wallets exceeded 40 million, a record high

Time:2022-02-06 09:00 Source:Internet Copy share

According to a new report from blockchain analytics firm Glassnode, while the bitcoin market is on a downward trend, similar to the bear market in 2019, the current upward trajectory in the number of non-zero wallets appears to be largely unaffected by the sluggish prices of the past three months. It hit an all-time high of 40.16 million addresses. Glassnode’s market analysis data also shows that the current total reserves of exchanges have fallen to multi-year lows, reaching 13.27% of circulating supply, and exchange balances have dropped by 42,900 bitcoins since their all-time high in November ( 0.28% of circulating supply), while illiquid supply added 0.86% of circulating supply.

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