The effective computing power of the entire Chia network is 31.65EiB, and the mining output is 2,893,759 pieces

Time:2022-01-28 02:30 Source:Internet Copy share

According to chiaexplorer data, on January 28, 2022, Chia's current network-wide effective computing power is 31.65EiB, the current total XCH is 23,965,184, and the mining output is 2,965,184. Currently, 0.0003 XCH can be produced per TiB of computing power every day, and it takes about 9 years and 315 days to mine 1 XCH with 1 TiB of computing power. The market price shows that the current XCH price is $76.56, down 0.08% within the day.

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