The Celestia public testnet will be launched in the second quarter of this year and the mainnet will be launched by the end of the year

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On February 7th, Cosmos stated on its official blog that the first public testnet of its modular blockchain network Celestia will be launched in the second quarter of 2022, which aims to develop and stabilize the validator community. It will also allow the first experiments to build dApps and Rollups on top of Celestia. The testnet will last for several months and will set the stage for the Celestia Incentivized Testnet in Q3 2022. The network will include tasks and challenges for which developers and node operators can earn rewards. The incentivized testnet will have nearly the same functionality as the mainnet scheduled for the end of Q4 2022. By separating consensus and application execution into separate chain layers, Celestia modularizes the blockchain technology stack and opens up new possibilities for decentralized application (dApp) builders. Developers will be able to quickly define and deploy their virtual execution environment. Applications built on Celestia will inherit and share the security of Celestia consensus while maintaining a high degree of sovereignty. They are simultaneously scalable, sovereign and secure.

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