Sushi has officially joined the Frog Nation created by Daniele after a community vote

Time:2022-01-28 04:30 Source:Internet Copy share

On January 28, Daniele, the founder of protocols such as Abracadabra and Wonderland, posted a blog on January 25 that Sushi has joined Frog Nation, an organization composed of the aforementioned projects, and talked about Sushi’s plans for the next few months. Daniele said that it is my mission to make Sushi the most used DEX and to bring the team and community spirit back to what Sushi was before. Daniele also said that his team is talking to everyone on the Sushi team to understand how things work, get product demos, and understand the different ways teams interact with each other. After a proper team structure is established, some team members may leave and new members may be added in the future. In order to keep Sushi agile and fast-moving, the Frog Nation team consisting of core Sushi members will decide on any form of recruitment, payment measures, etc. Previously, Frog Nation and Arca, a crypto asset management company, proposed a restructuring proposal at the Sushi Governance Forum in late December, which was officially voted on by the community on January 25.

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