Spanish newspaper Le Monde: Metaverse space design is big business

Time:2022-01-23 07:00 Source:Internet Copy share

On January 23rd, the website of the Spanish newspaper Le Monde published a report titled "The Huge Business of the Metaverse Architecture" on January 21st. The report believes that the design of the metaverse space is a big business. In virtual reality, a very important sense of space, family and architecture exists or is being developed. Second, all these seemingly meaningless abstractions have become a valuable economic model. In the metaverse, designing buildings also needs to have livable, aesthetic concepts, and need to understand how to make good use of space. If the Metaverse is interpreted as a three-dimensional Internet, then it is reasonable to assume that the current unrestricted video telephony and monotonous, impersonal video telephony conference rooms will eventually migrate to user-friendly locations, with architectural styles similar to those of users in real life. For example, Viennese-style cafes, seaside terraces, living rooms with fireplaces and wall art, boulevards to walk, cinemas to watch movies with friends, etc., and the design of these spaces will It will bring huge business.

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