Solana has another congestion failure, officials say investigation is underway

Time:2022-01-23 05:30 Source:Internet Copy share

According to the news on January 23, Solana has been in a state of network instability recently. According to the community, the phenomenon has continued for two or three days. The issue was officially announced at 0:00 on January 21st (UTC) and characterized as Degraded Performance, the cause of which is still under investigation. In this regard, some CEX and DeFi protocols have publicly warned that any on-chain activity may fail to upload blocks. According to actual testing by users, the probability of successful uploading of current activities on the chain is less than 5%. Binance has officially suspended the withdrawal of Solana USDT. The Solana community then updated the mainnet to version 1.8.14 in an attempt to improve the state of the network. However, the work on network performance improvements is not yet complete, and more improvements are expected to be rolled out in the next 8-12 weeks. At present, the warning on the cross-chain bridge Wormhole that the transfer to Solana may fail has not been lifted.

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