Russian expert: Bitcoin mining may be the culprit of power failure in Central Asia

Time:2022-01-26 09:30 Source:Internet Copy share

On January 26, Alexander Amiragiyan, director of the Economic Center of the Fuel and Power Integration Department of the Russian Strategic Research Center (CSR), said recently that the cause of the accident in the Central Asian power system may be the mining of cryptocurrencies and the cold weather. The failure of the Central Asian power system affected three countries: many cities in southern Kazakhstan, the whole of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan were without power. "This is where the main population and economic activities of these countries are concentrated. From this, it can be assumed that the increase in electricity consumption in the region due to the cold weather and the consumption peak in the morning peak has caused power imbalance and automatic Response. Cryptocurrency mining has also placed a certain burden on the power system that has been actively developing in Kazakhstan in recent years.

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