Russia Takes Down 4 Dark Web Sites With Over $260 Million in Cryptocurrency Transactions

Time:2022-02-13 01:30 Source:Internet Copy share

The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) has shut down four prominent websites operating on the dark web, blockchain firm Elliptic has revealed. These sites have been blocked by the "K" Bureau, the computer-related crime division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The platforms seized were the Sky-Fraud Forum, Trump's Dumps, the UAS Store and the Ferum Shop, the latter of which became a major marketplace for stolen credit cards after the sector's largest marketplace, Unicc, was shut down in January. According to Ellippo’s estimates, the sites had combined sales of more than $263 million in cryptocurrencies denominated in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) before they were shut down. Ferum accounts for the majority of that, generating $256 million in bitcoin, or 17% of the open card market.

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