RSS3 will issue RSS3DAO governance token to promote the decentralized development of its ecology

Time:2022-02-07 06:00 Source:Internet Copy share

On February 7th, the RSS3 official blog of the Web3.0 information infrastructure protocol announced that the governance token $RSS3 will be issued in the near future. RSS3 is committed to helping Web 3.0 become a de-platformed information distribution network, as the infrastructure of the network RSS3 will grow with the growth of users and applications. In order to better decentralize the development of the protocol and its developer community, RSS3 will issue the RSS3DAO governance token in the near future. The Token will promote the decentralized governance of RSS3DAO in terms of electing global index and service nodes, determining the maximum number of RSS3 files for each node, module upgrades, and treasury. According to the RSS3 official blog post, the total amount of tokens issued is 1 billion, of which 64% will be allocated to the community, about 15% to the team, about 15% to seed and private equity investors, 5% to the founding company Natural Selection Labs, and project consultants. Allocate 1%. Most of the tokens will be locked for a long time and released within 5 years. In the future, the growth of the protocol ecology and the treasury will come from various aspects such as value-added services, SocialFi activities and transaction taxation.

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