Quantum-resistant and decentralized network XX network launches privacy chat tool

Time:2022-01-26 07:00 Source:Internet Copy share

According to official reports, the quantum-resistant and encrypted chat tool XX messenger (xx messenger) was launched today on the XX network. At present, the application can be downloaded in Apple AppStore and GooglePlay, with group chat and photo, audio sharing functions. XX messenger uses a quantum-safe encryption algorithm to protect the information content from being cracked, and uses the cMix network to obfuscate and smash the metadata, and randomly selects the distributed network node group of the XX network for information transmission, maximizing the protection of user privacy and information. Safety. The XX network is web3's communications infrastructure, led by the godfather of cryptocurrency David Chom, which provides a protected digital world through which users can share ideas and exchange value in a secure and private manner. XX messenger (xx messenger) is expected to become an entry-level product of SocialFi.

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