President Xi Jinping: Continue to make my country's digital economy stronger and better

Time:2022-01-15 03:30 Source:Internet Copy share

On January 15, the official account of the People's Bank of China forwarded the article "Xi Jinping: Continue to strengthen, optimize and expand my country's digital economy". The article pointed out that in recent years, the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block Chain and other technologies are accelerating innovation and are increasingly integrated into the entire process of economic and social development. Countries are competing to formulate digital economy development strategies and introduce incentive policies. The rapid development of digital economy, the wide range of radiation, and the depth of impact are unprecedented, and it is becoming a global reorganization. It is a key force in factor resources, reshaping the global economic structure, and changing the global competition pattern. For a long time, I have always attached importance to the development of digital technology and digital economy. When I was working in Fujian in 2000, I proposed the construction of "Digital Fujian", and in 2003 when I was working in Zhejiang, I proposed the construction of "Digital Zhejiang". Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, I have repeatedly emphasized the need to develop the digital economy. In 2016, during the 36th collective study of the 18th Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, he emphasized the need to expand and strengthen the digital economy and expand new space for economic development; in the same year, the initiative to develop the digital economy was first proposed at the G20 Hangzhou Summit. It has been widely recognized by leaders and entrepreneurs of various countries; in 2017, during the second collective study of the 19th Central Political Bureau, it was emphasized to accelerate the construction of digital China, build a digital economy with data as a key element, and promote the real economy and digital economy. Integrated development; in 2018, the Central Economic Work Conference emphasized the need to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet; in 2021, in the congratulatory letter to the Wuzhen Summit of the World Internet Conference, it was pointed out that it is necessary to stimulate the vitality of the digital economy and strengthen the digital government. Effectiveness, optimize the digital social environment, build a digital cooperation pattern, build a digital security barrier, and let digital civilization benefit people of all countries.

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