Online crypto platform Voyager Digital reports $3.2 million in revenue in fiscal second quarter

Time:2022-02-16 02:30 Source:Internet Copy share

Online cryptocurrency platform Voyager Digital Ltd (VYGVF) posted operating income of $3.2 million in the fiscal second quarter, compared with a loss of $2.8 million a year earlier. Total revenue for the fiscal second quarter came in at $164.8 million, below analysts' estimates of $178.1 million, but more than double the first quarter and a 4,400% increase from the previous year. Of the $164.8 million, $149 million came from the company’s crypto trading business and $15.8 million came from Coinify’s merchant business. Looking at other indicators, as of December 31, 2021, Voyager reported a total of 3.2 million verified users, an increase of 49% from 2.15 million three months ago; 1.074 million deposit accounts, an increase of 25%; Assets were $5.9 billion, up 37%. The company said it is taking the necessary steps to continue its revenue diversification strategy, with plans to add stock trading on its platform, expand into Europe and Canada, and offer NFT products and wallets.

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