Mai Capital Chief Equity Strategist: Institutional Investors Won't View BTC as Digital Gold Once Regulations Are In Place

Time:2022-01-10 03:30 Source:Internet Copy share

Chris Grisanti, chief equity strategist and regional president of Mai Capital Management, said in an interview with CNBC that crypto is “almost a victim of its own success,” and 2022 will be tougher. In 2018, crypto regulation will be tightened across the US and Europe, and BTC and ETH will become more mature after regulation comes into focus. Chris Grisanti said: “I think once regulation is in place, institutional investors will be more willing to see Bitcoin as a currency rather than digital gold and as a hedge against inflation and other things According to a previous survey by fund company Nickel Digital Asset Management, institutional investors are optimistic about the implementation of more regulation in the crypto industry, and for the issue of “the SEC has been granted more power to regulate the crypto industry,” 73% of institutional investors and wealth managers believe this will have a positive impact on crypto and digital assets, and 32% believe it will have a very positive impact.

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