Latin America becomes the new center of Bitcoin mining in 2022

Time:2022-01-04 01:30 Source:Internet Copy share

According to data analysis company Arcane Research, Latin America will become one of the fastest-growing Bitcoin mining regions in the world. It is predicted that by 2022, the hash rate of cryptocurrencies will continue to be more geographically distributed. Since China started cracking down on Bitcoin mining in mid-2021, miners have moved their operations to other countries. The places where Bitcoin is mined the most are the United States, Kazakhstan, Russia, Canada and Iran. However, the flow of miners will continue in 2022. Many people choose Latin American countries such as El Salvador that provide legal protection and cleanliness. Provide energy for miners. In the view of the company’s analysts, the rapid geographic changes of many mining companies indicate that although it is a physical industry, it is highly mobile and the geographic distribution of computing power can change rapidly.

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