JPMorgan opens virtual space Onyx Lounge in Decentraland and releases metaverse research report

Time:2022-02-16 03:00 Source:Internet Copy share

JPMorgan Chase announced on Tuesday the opening of a virtual space, Onyx Lounge, in Decentraland, named after its crypto- and blockchain-focused unit Onyx, which JPMorgan claims to be the first company in the banking industry to enter the metaverse, and released a A research report titled "Opportunities in the metaverse" explores how companies can find opportunities in the metaverse. "We're seeing companies of all shapes and sizes enter the metaverse in different ways, including household names like Walmart, Nike, Gap, Verizon, Hulu, PwC, Adidas, and demand," the report states. Dynamics are driving more people into the metaverse economy. This will require the development of new skills and will also generate new ways of making money. After all, people will have to develop and build products that are consumed in virtual worlds - which creates a creation for the creator economy a huge opportunity."

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