Institutional analysis: safe-haven assets and currencies fell, U.S. stock index futures rebounded

Time:2022-01-24 07:30 Source:Internet Copy share

January 24 news, institutional analysis: as US stock index futures rebounded, safe-haven buying weakened, the yen and Swiss franc fell. The dollar climbed against the yen, with U.S. Treasury yields higher across the board, led by short-term Treasury yields. Leveraged funds covered short positions in the U.S. and Japan as S&P futures rebounded, one trader said. Another trader said short-term accounts had selling after NZD/USD broke the 0.6700 level. Market focus turned to the Fed's rate decision on Wednesday, with policymakers expected to signal a willingness to raise rates from near zero in March. "As U.S. stock futures and U.S. bond yields rose, the correction in risk assets subsided ahead of the FOMC meeting," said NBC Financial Markets Asia analyst David Lu. "The recent safe-haven trend has seen a liquidation."

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