Hong Kong Customs detects money laundering cases involving more than 380 million yuan

Time:2021-12-28 06:00 Source:Internet Copy share

According to news on December 28, Hong Kong Customs took enforcement action today (December 28) and arrested two persons suspected of money laundering activists. The amount involved was approximately 384 million yuan. Customs officers locked a pair of sisters based on intelligence and suspected that the two used personal bank accounts and cryptocurrency trading platforms to process unidentified payments and participate in money laundering activities. After an in-depth investigation, the Customs today searched a residential unit in Yau Tong and, in accordance with the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance, "handled the property known or believed to represent the proceeds of an indictable crime" (commonly known as money laundering). ) The charges arrested a 21-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman. Further investigation revealed that between May and November last year, the two arrested persons opened personal accounts in different banks (including virtual banks) and virtual currency trading platforms in Hong Kong, and used bank transfers, cash deposits and cryptocurrencies, etc. Collect money from unknown sources, suspected of conducting money laundering activities. The case is still under investigation. The two arrested persons are now on bail pending further investigation. It is not ruled out that more people will be arrested.

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