French presidential candidate: We must support the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Time:2022-02-15 05:00 Source:Internet Copy share

On February 15th, according to the French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour tweeted that he had visited Ledger, the leader in the field of encrypted asset security in France, and decided that he must support the cryptocurrency ecosystem and put forward relevant suggestions: 1. Allow encrypted assets to be held Taxpayers reduce taxes by reinvesting their income in the real economy. 2. End the hell-style regulation of professionals in the cryptocurrency field, especially in Europe, where market policy changes are quicker. 3. According to the specific circumstances of the underlying assets, a special tax system will be set up for NFT transfers, especially NFT transfers are no longer subject to digital asset value-added tax. 4. There is no need to wait for the European Central Bank to lead the launch of the digital euro project. The European private sector can also promote the stable currency of the euro, so as to avoid non-European entities monopolizing the stable currency.

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