Ethereum's entire network computing power reached 1 PH/s this week, a record high

Time:2021-12-29 02:00 Source:Internet Copy share

This week, the hash rate of the Ethereum network hit a record high. For the first time, statistics in the six-month range show that the computing power of Ethereum exceeds 1 petahash (PH/s) per second. 1 petahash or 1,000 TH/s is much higher than the 1.51 TH/s dedicated to the Ethereum network on March 21, 2016. From the first record of computing power that day to today's Ethereum computing power, an increase of 66,125%. This means that 1,000 top 1.5 GH/s machines are required to process the Ethereum network at the earliest. Today's network is close to 1 PH/s. If each miner uses 1.5 GH/s equipment, then 1 million machines are needed today. Support Ethereum.

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