Deputy Director of Kazakh AIFC Investment Department: Kazakhstan is still an ideal choice for miners

Time:2022-01-25 09:00 Source:Internet Copy share

According to news on January 25, regarding the current mining situation in Kazakhstan, Arman Batayev, deputy director of the investment department of AIFC (Astana International Financial Center), said that starting from January 1 this year, the cryptocurrency mining business has officially started in the country. State tax, the tax rate is $0.0023/kwt. However, not all miners in the country are currently operating, as Kazakhstan is experiencing a dry season and is not expected to improve until after March, so some miners are migrating to Russia. Kazakhstan experienced riots a few weeks ago, but Arman still sees the country as ideal for miners, mainly due to low electricity bills and a cold climate. However, he sees new power investment as the area that Kazakhstan needs to improve the most, something that hasn't changed in the past 30 years, and the arrival of a large number of miners has exposed this situation.

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