Chainalysis Policy Director: Three factors are pushing the United States to strengthen the supervision of stablecoins

Time:2022-01-03 06:00 Source:Internet Copy share

Salman Banaei, Head of Policy Research at Chainalysis, revealed that U.S. regulators may supervise stablecoins in 2023. He believes that there are three key factors that are driving the United States to strengthen the supervision of stablecoins: 1. Reserve guarantees. Salman Banaei expressed some stability. The currency issuer will provide misleading charts about the holder’s assets in the announcement. This may cause these digital asset holders to suddenly realize that due to the potential run risk of repricing, the value of the assets held by the issuer of the stable currency may depreciate; 2. The stable currency is encouraging some speculative behaviors, including development Dangerous unregulated ecosystems, such as DeFi applications that are not yet subject to regulations like other digital assets. 3. The stablecoin may become a legitimate competitor of the standard payment network. The issuer of the stablecoin is likely to provide a scalable payment solution, which will cause a big blow to traditional payment systems and banking service providers. .

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