Cardano Foundation: 1 million trees have been planted, and the planting information is recorded on the Cardano blockchain

Time:2022-01-10 08:30 Source:Internet Copy share

On January 10, the Cardano Foundation said that a restoration effort using Cardano had reached its first goal of planting more than 1 million trees, according to CoinDesk. Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, tweeted that the "Cardano Forest" is 100% funded. All trees planted will be recorded on the Cardano blockchain for greater transparency and as public proof of land restoration activities. It is reported that the foundation has partnered with cryptocurrency startup Veritree to carry out tree planting activities. Veritree uses blockchain technology to document the supply chain of tree planting for its users, allowing verifiable tracking of such activities. Veritree will plant a tree every time it trades Cardano for TREE tokens. TREEs can in turn be exchanged for digital trees and NFTs, and the rarity of issued NFTs is based on the initial amount of ADA exchanged.

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