Capital Markets Are Strengthening Research on Cryptocurrencies

Time:2022-01-30 05:00 Source:Internet Copy share

Many banks, including Jefferies and Credit Suisse, have posted job advertisements for new crypto research positions. Several traditional banks are looking to fill crypto-related roles in their research departments, the latest sign that the digital asset ecosystem is fully integrating with the wider market. Investment banks have long studied digital assets, but with the growth in the number of large public companies operating in the space and the influx of crypto markets into traditional finance, these firms now want to pay more attention. Late last year, Morgan Stanley announced that Sheena Shah would lead a new team covering the crypto ecosystem, while Bank of America announced its own crypto-coverage unit in October. In addition to covering the business of crypto companies, analysts also unravel macro themes that can affect coin price volatility, new technology developments in the blockchain space, and other topics.

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