Buterin releases roadmap to single-slot end

Time:2022-01-25 05:30 Source:Internet Copy share

Ethereum founder Buterin Butterfly published an envisioned article "The Path to the End of a Single Slot". Today, an Ethereum block takes 64-95 slots (about 15 minutes) to complete. This is considered a moderate, not bad in any dimension, on the decentralization/final time/overhead trade-off curve. 15 minutes is not too long, and comparable to the confirmation time of existing exchanges, it allows users to run nodes on ordinary computers, even with the large number of validators generated by the deposit size of 32ETH (relative to the early value of 1500ETH) . However, there are many good arguments for reducing finalization time to a single slot. The move to single-slot confirmations is a multi-year roadmap, and even if it starts soon with a lot of development work, it will be one of the big changes to join Ethereum later, long after proof-of-stake, sharding, and Verkle trees are fully rolled out. The implementation path is roughly as follows. 1. Step up the work of optimizing proof aggregation. 2. Agree on general parameters 3. Research, agree and specify an ideal consensus and fork choice mechanism to achieve single-slot finality. 4. Agree and execute on the implementation path. The ultimate benefit will be significant, and the technology can be improved over time to achieve other benefits not described here (for example, reducing the minimum deposit size with an increased maximum number of validators). Therefore, it is worth starting a deeper and more focused research and development on the technical challenges described in this paper as soon as possible.

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