Anhui Police Detected Encryption Project "Runaway" Case, Valued at 50 Million Yuan

Time:2022-01-18 08:00 Source:Internet Copy share

On January 18, according to the public security news of Chizhou City, Anhui Province, the police in Chizhou City recently cracked a case of illegally obtaining computer system virtual currency data by using blockchain technology, involving a value of about 50 million yuan, and frozen 6 million yuan of virtual stolen money according to law. . It is reported that in June 2021, when Wang surfed the Internet on his mobile phone, he found that a new project was released on the homepage of a certain digital wallet, and he felt that it was profitable, so he invested about 590,000 yuan worth of virtual currency. In the early morning of the next day, I found that all the virtual coins that I had pledged were transferred by the project party, and nearly 8 million US dollars of digital assets pledged by other investors were also swept away, and the website was closed and lost contact. According to statistics, there are hundreds of investors (victims) in this project, and the value involved in the case is about 50 million yuan.

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