A supermarket in Wenzhou was attacked by "bitcoin ransomware", and the stored value system was paralyzed

Time:2022-01-12 01:30 Source:Internet Copy share

The computer management system of stored-value cards at the cashier of a supermarket in Wenzhou city was attacked by the "Bitcoin ransomware virus", and it has been out of service for more than half a month. It is understood that in late December last year, the stored-value card management system at the cashier of the supermarket was suddenly paralyzed, all databases in the server were "hacked", and the files could not be opened; a document named in English appeared in the system, meaning "How to decrypt my file", which contained the hacker's English message, which meant "pay 0.042 bitcoins within 24 hours", and attached an overseas email address and a bitcoin payment account number. At 12:00 on the 12th, the price of a bitcoin in foreign markets was $42,600. At present, the supermarket involved has sought third-party technical support to restore the database, and the police have been involved in the investigation.

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