Paysafe: Study Shows 55% of Crypto Holders Want to Get Salary in BTC or ETH

Time:2022-01-12 Source: 767 views Trending Copy share

New research from payments platform Paysafe has found that more than half of cryptocurrency holders want to receive their salary in the form of digital assets such as bitcoin or ethereum.

55% prefer the option, rising to 60% among 18- to 24-year-olds, chief among them the belief that being paid this way in the future could lead to greater finances flexibility.

The survey is based on a questionnaire of 2,000 cryptocurrency owners in the US and UK, so people in other countries may have different opinions. Previously, the mayor of Miami, the mayor of New York, the mayor of Tampa, and the mayor of Jackson, Tennessee, expressed their willingness to accept BTC as a salary.

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