Omicron continues to be fierce, Apple (AAPL.US) closes all offline retail stores in New York

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Zhitong Finance APP learned that Apple (AAPL.US) said on Monday that due to the omicron variant raging in the United States and the increase in new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, Apple has closed all retail stores in New York City. However, an Apple spokesperson said that customers will be able to pick up online orders in physical stores.

Earlier this month, Apple said it had temporarily closed three stores in the United States and Canada due to the increase in new coronary pneumonia cases and store employee contact cases . For the same reason, Apple also requires all customers and employees of its US retail stores to wear masks.

Apple did not disclose when the New York store will reopen. The company also temporarily closed the Carnegie Library store in Washington, DC, as well as some stores in Ohio, Texas, Georgia and Florida. The company's store on Regent Street in London is also temporarily closed.

Secondly, on December 19, due to the severe epidemic, Apple announced that it would temporarily close all 53 retail stores in California. This is also Apple's largest store closure operation since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in the United States in March this year.

Globally, concerns about Omicron variants have prompted major companies to tighten epidemic prevention requirements. Earlier this month, an appeals court in the United States also reinstated a nationwide new crown vaccination or test order for large companies, which covered 80 million American workers. Those who oppose this move have appealed to the Supreme Court for intervention.

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