ODIN: Price Pumps 160% After Getting Listed On PancakeSwap

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Odin (ODN), which was recently listed on PancakeSwap, has had a very bullish opening day, with the price increasing by over 160%. It is a signal for a strong rally by buyers and a signal that the people who have invested in the project already are not ready to sell their tokens just yet.

The token shows a lot of potential for reaching a higher price range before a distribution phase commences and price correction occurs. Over the next few days, the token should be able to demonstrate more technical data and will be more accurate to analyze, but from the apparent buying pressure, this token will possibly reach 5X by Q1 2022.

Odin (ODN) started trading at the price of $0.003 and reached $0.0087 in 24hrs.

About Odin
Odin is a new cryptocurrency trading and investment platform that will connect crypto traders and investors with a variety of features that will include educational material, monetization, a self-hosted environment for algorithmic trading, and much more to provide a completely new user experience for traders of all skill levels.

The Odin platform will serve as a one-stop-shop for anything related to cryptocurrencies. A simple interface and a vibrant community. The Odin platform is dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving success in the new, exciting, and constantly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Odin plans to constantly add value to the platform, including a user-friendly interface and many other features.

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